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Design Architect : John Wardle
Project Architect : Tymen Tolsma  
Project Documentation : Anthony Van Kan, Paul Elton, Murray Rout

The New University of Auckland Biotechnology Research Building Extension.

Officially opened by Prime Minister John Key on 19 April 2011,the extension to the University’s Thomas Building has linked the School of Biological Sciences and the Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology. That brings academics and industry together to share infrastructure, high-tech facilities and expertise.
The extension provides an extra 4800 extra square metres of research space and room for 160 additional scientists, industry staff and students.
Comprising mainly laboratories, open-plan write-up spaces and research offices,it links to the original building with a four-storey, glass-clad atrium. This helps to maximise natural light and ventilation, it also encourages social interactions on its many levels of bridges, balconies and stairways.
This Biotechnology building is the first of its type in New Zealand. Supported by the Government to build on New Zealand’s success in the biotechnology area by creating relationships between academia and business.

PSP Design Challenge, Architectural/Residential Award, 2001
Registered Master Builder's Commercial Project Awards: Gold Winner, 2001

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